Why Line Marking?

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Why Line Marking?

Whether our customers approach us with their requirements, or we suggest works there are a number of reasons why new line marking may be required at a premises.

Line marking and surface markings are installed for a multitude of different uses and areas. Demarcation, safety, and instructions are the fundamental areas of marking.

When our customers approach us health and safety is often the main factor.


Health and safety

Correct and thought-out line marking will improve the health and safety of employees and visitors whilst in a working setting.

Line marking acts as a visual barrier and creates an optical defence against accidents and near-misses. Direction signs and pedestrian walkways are just a couple of ways in which this type of work offers improved safety.

In addition to creating a visual barrier, line marking also offers guidance. Even simply basic line markings create order and guidance. It is much easier for drivers and machine operators to see the areas they must operate in if they are clearly marked out.


Line Marking Looks Good

First impressions are always important and even more so for a business. Staying ahead of the competition and looking good is paramount to maintaining growth and advantage. Whether it be an underground car park, pedestrian walkways, internal warehouse lining or road marking. Fresh and expertly installed markings always give a great impression.

As well as a good impression, correct markings can and do improve workplace efficiencies. Simple additions like forklift and plant parking bays can aid in the flow of the workplace and make it safer.

In workplace car parks, this product improves efficiencies by showing staff and visitors where to park in predetermined parking spaces designed for the maximum capacity.



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