Why is Line Marking in warehouses so important?

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Why is Line Marking in warehouses so important?

Line marking in warehouses is an important safety feature and one that must not be overlooked.

Workplaces such as warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities are very high-risk environments for workers. Stacking of stock, movement of vehicles, machines and heavy traffic are all hazards that employees have to be made aware of.

This cauldron of operational chaos can be kept in line and organised using line marking in warehouses.

Here at Fastline we cannot emphasise enough the importance of internal line marking in warehouses Here are a few little ways in which internal line marking can help to keep your employees safe:

Pedestrian walkways and designated areas

One of the main reasons to apply internal line marking to a warehouse floor is to mark out high-risk areas. Line marked pedestrian walkways ensure that your staff understand where they should be and where they should never be positioned, under any working circumstance.

Line marked walkways help to separate pedestrian and vehicular areas keeping employees safe.

In addition to line marked walkways added safety measures that could be commissioned include installing physical impact protection barriers and warning signs.

Organisation and operations

Line marking operational instructions is a great way to facilitate smooth operational running. Popular line marking which appears in warehouses and distribution centres include. Warehouse dock bay numbers, racking column numbers and letters, drop zone and parking bay areas, charge areas and fork truck storage areas, fire risk zones, evacuation routes and much much more.

Stock Marking

Line marking can help to organise specific stocking areas offering guidance to both fork truck operators and ground employees. Line marked stocking bays can help with the smooth operation and running or a busy and bustling facility.

Stock marked areas also come in handy for companies that require constant stock rotation and inventory.

Clean and tidy facility

Line marking a warehouse facility not only keeps employees safe, it also helps them keep the facility clean and tidy too. Clearly marking out hygiene and cleaning stations is another great way line marking can help improve operations for a business.

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