Why A-Safe Impact Protection is the best!!

Why A-Safe Impact Protection is the best!!

At Fastline, we’re dedicated to delivering the best in safety solutions, and A-Safe Impact Protection stands at the forefront of our offerings. Our expertise in providing and installing these top-notch safety products is unrivaled. We’ve built a stellar reputation by choosing quality products like A-Safe.

Why Choose A-Safe Impact Protection?

The secret to A-Safe’s superiority is in the quality of its polymers. The strength and resilience of a safety product hinge on its material, and A-Safe never compromises by using subpar plastics.

Their unique three-layer Memaplex™ polymer, developed by their own scientists in the UK, offers comprehensive protection:

  1. The outer layer is high-visibility, UV-protected, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals, eliminating the need for painting.
  2. The middle layer acts as a shock absorber, dispersing impact energy.
  3. The inner layer provides extra strength and flexibility.

In-built Flexible memory

During A-Safes Memaplex manufacturing process, custom machines stretch and align the material molecules to create a unique grid structure within the polymer. This grid provides an innovative in-built memory that allows the material to bounce back to its original shape if it is impacted.

Three-phase coupling

The patented coupling technology in A-SAFE barriers is completely unique. Ordinarily a weak point in other barriers, our advanced coupling actually improves strength.

The coupling uses an innovative three-phase energy absorption system that sequentially reduces and disperses impact energy throughout the barrier. This prevents large amounts of kinetic energy from reaching and damaging floors or fixings. The coupling system also allows replacement individual barrier rails without dismantling the entire run of barriers, saving time.

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