What is Rack Netting?

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What is Rack Netting? An Insight from Fastline Services Ltd

At Fastline Services Ltd, we take pride in offering solutions that enhance warehouse safety and efficiency. One of our proudest innovations is the RackNet® system.

At the heart of our RackNet® system is an unwavering commitment to safety. Our netting solutions ensure that items remain securely in place, whether they’re on storage racks, moving along conveyor systems, or being stored in flue spaces where traditional steel mesh might fall short. By absorbing impacts, the netting acts as a flexible barrier that minimises the risk of injuries, making warehouses safer for all involved.

Beyond Just Racking

While our RackNet® system excels in enhancing rack safety, its applications are diverse. We’ve designed it for conveyor protection, ensuring smooth material flow and preventing goods from falling. It’s also ideal for dividing warehouse spaces, enhancing handrails, and is customisable to address unique safety needs. For sectors that prioritise sanitation, like the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries, our netting’s modular design is a game-changer. It facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring that high hygiene standards are maintained.

Economical and Efficient

We recognise the balance businesses must strike between safety and budget considerations. This is why our RackNet® system is not only economical but also designed for swift installation. We’ve ensured that the materials we use are not just durable but also cost-effective in the long run.

Choosing Your Ideal Netting with RackNet®

Understanding that each warehouse has its unique risks and requirements, we’ve developed a range of netting solutions:

  • RackNet® – PLUS – 2.3: A versatile choice available in multiple colors, with a 2.3mm material diameter and 50mm mesh size.
  • RackNet® – MAX – 3: This option offers a thicker 3mm material diameter and is available in an expanded color range, including a standout red for heightened visibility.
  • RackNet® – ULTRA – 5: For those areas demanding the utmost in strength and safety, this heavy-duty option with a 5mm material diameter is ideal.

Rack Netting vs. Steel Mesh: A Perspective

While steel mesh has traditionally been a go-to for many, rack netting offers distinct advantages. Its flexibility allows for faster installation and adaptability in various scenarios. Steel mesh, being more rigid, might not be suitable for all applications. Rack netting, with its diverse applications, from conveyor containment to space division, offers a versatile alternative.

A Final Word from Fastline Services Ltd

The RackNet® system is a testament to our commitment to advancing warehouse safety and efficiency. As industry leaders, we believe in the transformative potential of rack netting. If you’re considering enhancing your warehouse safety measures or setting up a new facility, we invite you to explore what the RackNet® system can offer.

Your team, products, and operations stand to benefit immensely.

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