Warehouse Impact Protection requirements Growing

fastline installation of impact protection barriers inside a warehouse

Warehouse Impact Protection requirements Growing

A strong warehouse and logistics sector will continue to drive growth over the next 18 months.

Highlighting an extra need for industrial workplace safety and impact protection solutions in 2022.

As the economy continues to recover from the Global pandemic, industry activity remains consistently busy which is a huge positive especially in current times.

As the shift and focus moves over to fulfilment, The warehousing industry in the UK alone will require over 90 million sq. ft. of warehousing space in addition to its current capacity.

Warehouse Impact Protection

Here at Fastline Services we have witnessed a surge in requirements for these newly built facilities. Impact protection, safety barriers, pillar protections, racking protectors and bollards are being fitted in new build and retro fits as the country expands its capabilities.

Warehouse Impact Protection is vital in keeping both people and property safe. On top of new facilities being built many businesses are seeing the growth outweigh their abilities and facilities for growth, hence upgrades and retrofits.

Creating the safest and most efficient distributors

There is an ever growing need amongst logistics and distribution centre`s for added value solutions.

For the warehousing sector this is obviously critical. As a company Fastline Services already supply and service the likes of Amazon and Next. Our growing experience working with such high capacity clients means that we are used to supporting fast-paced time critical industries.

The Future

Fastline Services feel in the coming months there will be discernible growth for workplace safety. Alongside associated impact protection solutions, across all regional markets, and as a company we are well positioned to deliver.

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