The rise of the UK warehouse and the “golden logistics triangle”

The rise of the UK warehouse and the “golden logistics triangle”

Over the past two years, and particularly since the onset of the COVID pandemic, there has been a remarkable surge in online shopping within the UK. Consequently, this trend has significantly contributed to an expansion in the number of warehouses and other logistics facilities across the country.

As a result of this upsurge, we at Fastline have experienced a substantial growth in demand for our services. To offer some context on the situation, it’s noteworthy that the total count of business premises dedicated to distribution, logistics, and warehousing in the UK has nearly doubled in the last decade.

How has this helped us?

In recent years Fastline has worked predominantly within the “golden logistics triangle” a midlands area with is renowned for its distribution networks and facilities. What we have seen in the past 24 months is a sharp rise in new UK warehouse facilities in parts of the East of England and Yorkshire and The Humber.

As mentioned earlier this rise of transport and storage has accelerated in the last two years, following EU exit and the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Services we are providing

Often when new facilities are built, they come as a no-frills shell. This is perfect for any business wanting to put their own stamp on the facility. Sadly, this also means that many safety and operational features have to be installed aftermarket.

Internal Line Marking

Our internal line marking services are industry renowned. As an operational entity, warehouses and distribution centres need to flow and need to operate safely and smoothly.

We offer a full suite of options which can transform a business with just a few lines.

  • Picking areas – Marking out areas for picking and pallets. This is a way of creating safe zones of operating and can also help segregate vehicle and pedestrian working areas.
  • Racking Numbering – Numbering Racking rows and zones. When fork truck operators are working, being able to see what row and zone they are working in is imperative, flooring numbers and letters are highly visible and help to create a safer working area.
  • Pedestrian Walkways – Clearly lined walkways and areas can help keep pedestrians and floor workers safe and separate from vehicle areas.
  • Vehicle Zones – Clearly lined zones and work areas help to keep vehicles and workers at a safe working distance from each other.

External Line Marking

  • Transport Bays – External marking and numbering of transport bays and docks.
  • Car park – External line marking of employee and visitor car parks including specialist EV marked bays, disabled bays, bike bays and HGV bays.
  • Stock and movement areas – External stocking areas line marked and demarked out for smooth operations.

Impact Protection

Our extensive list of impact protection products would be far to long to list within this blog. We offer everything from bollards and pedestrian barriers to racking protection, dock gates and traffic barriers. Take a look at our services here.

Internal Line Marking and Impact Protection
Evri – Sorting machines – Internal Line Marking and Impact Protection

What does the UK`s distribution growth mean for Fastline?

As a business we are invested in the future of our brand and our reputation. Growth for us comes from our continued hard work and renowned quality within our industry.

As the UK warehouse sector expands Fastlines products and services will grow with it.

Our aim is to always offer the very best service to our clients. Our strengths define our growth.

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