Protecting Your Warehouse: The Advantages of Column Guards

Column Guard

The benefits of having column guards fitted in your warehouse:

In the fast-paced world of warehousing and distribution centers, safety is a top priority. One essential safety feature that often goes overlooked is column protection.

Robust Protection for Columns

Column guarding are designed to provide robust protection for columns, ensuring they remain structurally sound. These guards act as a buffer between your columns and potential impacts from forklifts, pallets, or other equipment. By absorbing and dispersing the energy from these impacts, column guards prevent damage that could compromise the integrity of your columns.

Minimal Footprint, Maximum Impact

The installation of column guards is quick and easy, and their modular, interlocking sections guarantee a tight fit on all sides of the column. This design minimises the footprint of the guards while maximising their impact.

Configurable to Any Height

Column guards can be configured to any height by stacking multiple units together. This flexibility allows you to tailor the level of protection to your specific needs. Whether you have standard square or rectangular columns, column guards can be customised to provide comprehensive coverage.

FlexiShield Column Guard

Energy Dissipation

One of the key advantages of column guards is their ability to dissipate impact forces. They feature structural support ribs that enhance their strength and deflect forks, preventing damage from reaching the column. Specially formed air channels further assist in dispersing impact forces, ensuring that the energy is absorbed and redirected away from the column.

Column Guards Prevent Floor Damage

Column fixings are encased within the structure of the design, safeguarding them from impacts. This not only protects the columns but also prevents floor damage that can result from collisions. By preserving both your columns and the floor, you reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Wrap-Around Solution

Column guards offer a wrap-around solution, ensuring that all sides of the column are shielded from potential impacts. This comprehensive protection minimises vulnerable gaps and optimises space utilisation within your warehouse.

FlexiShield Column Guard

Cost Savings and Safety

Impact Protection is an investment in both safety and cost savings. By preventing damage to columns and the potential for accidents caused by compromised structural integrity, you avoid costly repairs and downtime. Additionally, your employees can work with confidence, knowing that safety measures are in place.

In conclusion, it’s essential to prioritise the installation of these protective measures to safeguard your facility, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the well-being of your employees.

Don’t overlook the advantages of Impact Protection. Here is some more information from HSE regarding the protection of structures.

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