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Warehouse Safety Solutions

Warehouse Safety Solutions are vital in today’s fast-paced warehousing and distribution sector They ensure the safety of employees and visitors in warehouses across the UK is paramount. Businesses face numerous challenges in maintaining high productivity levels while also upholding stringent safety standards. It is here that specialise warehouse safety services come into play, offering tailored […]

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GS Yuasa Logo and Building

Fastline Services Ltd Completes £200,000 Project for GS Yuasa in Swindon

Introduction Fastline Services Ltd, a leading provider of warehouse solutions, recently completed a £200,000 project for GS Yuasa in Swindon. The project involved the construction of a state-of-the-art 178,500 sq ft warehouse facility and headquarters for GS Yuasa, a renowned battery manufacturer supplying the UK and European markets. Client Collaboration From the initial tender stage,

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Technologies, Safety and Facilities

Technologies, Safety and Facilities Industry has come a long way from the days of manual operation. The rise of technology and automation revolutionising the industry, and the pandemic is pushing it to evolve quicker than ever. As we reach mid-2022, automated and high-performing warehouses are a must, if only to meet the growing demands of

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Why A-Safe Impact Protection is the best!!

Why A-Safe Impact Protection is the best!! At Fastline, we’re dedicated to delivering the best in safety solutions, and A-Safe Impact Protection stands at the forefront of our offerings. Our expertise in providing and installing these top-notch safety products is unrivaled. We’ve built a stellar reputation by choosing quality products like A-Safe. Why Choose A-Safe

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The rise of the UK warehouse and the “golden logistics triangle”

The rise of the UK warehouse and the “golden logistics triangle” Over the past two years, and particularly since the onset of the COVID pandemic, there has been a remarkable surge in online shopping within the UK. Consequently, this trend has significantly contributed to an expansion in the number of warehouses and other logistics facilities

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A-Safe Products that make us smile :-)

Traffic Barrier Exclusive: Business landscapes are evolving rapidly, and the growth of online and e-commerce activities continuously pushes warehouses and distribution centers to innovate for improved safety and efficiency. Among the products we supply and install from the A-Safe range of safety products are: A-Safe iFlex Pedestrian 3 Rail The iFlex™ Pedestrian Barrier 3 Rail

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Atlas Double Traffic Barrier Car park barriers

Ask Fastline! – We can help!

Welcome to “Ask Fastline,” your go-to blog for all those pressing questions you might need answers to. This week’s questions cover various topics, with a particular focus on car park barriers. Let’s dive in and explore the details of these essential infrastructure components. What is a Line Marking? Road marking, also known as line marking,

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Fastline Re-investment

Fastline Re-investment: Excellence and Re-investment Fastline Re-investment: Being recognised in our industry is a true privilege, highlighting the impact of our work. In the past 24 months, we’ve emerged as a leading force in our sector. Our deep expertise in impact protection and line marking has earned us an authoritative reputation. Constant Growth At Fastline,

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