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Health and safety signs are most effective when you pair them with a wider health and safety communication strategy.

This should include comprehensive training and continual two-way communication between managers and teams.

A robust safety sign system will support and strengthen your overall safety program and reduce accidents.

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Under The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, UK law requires employers to provide safety signs where there is a significant risk that cannot be eliminated or controlled by other means. Safety signage is only appropriate when it will further reduce a risk.

Creating an effective signage system starts at your risk assessment stage. Each location will require different signs depending on the hazards present. A risk assessment of work activities identifies hazards and enables you to choose appropriate safety signs.

To ensure you create an effective system, make sure you:

  • Only use safety signage as a secondary measure following hazard elimination and reduction.
  • Select appropriate signage based on your risk assessment of the hazards.
  • Ensure signs are clear and concise.
    Place signs so they are seen at the right place and time.
  • Use compliant safety signs that are in line with current standards.
  • Check your sign placement and ensure all signs are noticeable and easily read.
  • Don’t use too many signs as this can be overwhelming for workers and lead to ‘sign blindness’ where people stop seeing signs.
  • Take additional measures to avoid sign blindness such as altering sign placement from time to time, making sure signs remain located by the associated hazard and easily seen.
  • Adapt your signage when hazards change.

From individual signs to safety sign audits and whole site packages, we offer a range of solutions to support your safety communication strategy:

  • Design and Consultation Service: Want our team to do the hard work for you? Our Safety experts will conduct a full safety sign audit at your site and provide a suite of safety communications tailored to your needs.
  • Branded Signage – Keep your signage on-brand and professional by adding your site colours and logo. Once you have a brand account with us, additional branded signs can be printed and delivered to site.
  • Standard Sign Packs – Excellent for site set up, providing you with a range of standard signs to get going on-site.
  • Site Entrance Boards – Standard entrance boards for construction sites. These can also be branded using our design service.
  • Site Management and Information Boards – Standard designs or branded. These information and management boards can also be customised to your own specifications.
  • Multi-Sign Systems – Signage stands with interchangeable sign panels for when you need adaptability.
We’re a partner, not a supplier

We work best when involved at the start of a company’s decision to make their facility safer.

Discuss your safety signage and site communication requirements with one of our Safety experts today on: 0333 733 8024

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