Safety measures needed for the modern warehouse!

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Warehouses and warehousing systems can vary depending on size, industry, products, and staff.

Here at Fastline the most important aspect we look out for is safety.

All warehouses need to be aware of the safety of their employees. In the UK manufacturing and warehousing statistically has higher rates of fatalities than other industries.

Whether your employees are dealing with volatile products like flammable gases or chemicals, operating heavy machinery or even working from great heights, the safety of employees should be the primary concern for any company.

Safety measures need to be planned out and executed by the warehouse management teams.

Appoint Safety Officers

Safety officers are a great asset.  These employees are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the warehouse. They must be trained and able to identify potential hazardous risks and take steps to minimise the chances of an accident. They can either make regular inspections themselves or hire a company to do inspections on their behalf.

Here at Fastline Services Ltd we are able to offer inspections and assessments across the board for the vast majority of safety and equipment needs.

Top Tip – Maintain Equipment

An industrial warehouse contains heavy equipment and machinery for loading and unloading. Forklifts are the most common pieces of equipment in an industrial warehouse. These need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they’re in proper working order and not at risk of causing a serious accident.

Other equipment like racking and shelving, modular drawer units, and charging ports need to be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the safety of the warehouse employees.

If you have any requirement for Impact protection, racking or any other of our products and services please get in touch!

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