Fastline`s Safety Barriers can improve facilities management.

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Fastline`s Safety Barriers can improve facilities management.

The change in business landscapes is becoming ever vaster and fast paced. An increase in online and e-commerce activity has meant that warehouses and distribution centres are constantly tasked with looking at new ways to make their facilities more safe and more economical.

Here are just a few ways that Safety Barriers can help


If as a business you have ever suffered facility downtime, it has most likely been because of a workplace accident. Looking at it from a business point of view workplace accidents can be financially disastrous for a company. When Fastline conduct continuous improvement plans one of the main products which we are flexible safety barriers. Flexible safety barriers safely organise facility and segregate personnel and equipment from traffic. Simply put, by installing safety barriers a business can significantly reduce the risk of a workplace accident.

Professionally Impress

There is no better way to impress a client than a showcase of colourful and engaging state-of-the-art equipment. And with Fastlines safety barriers that ‘as-new’ look endures for years to come. The UV protective outer layer ensures that the products stay looking new and safely vibrant for many years.


Less Maintenance

Fed up with repainting old barriers? Sick of rust and unsightly scratches? Hate the floor damage from a ripped-up floor fixing?

Fastlines low maintenance plastic barriers flex on impact, absorbing the forces and protecting the floor. Plus, they resist scratches and do not require any retouching.


Safe Workforce

Recent studies have shown that when a workforce feels protected inside a pleasant, aesthetically pleasing environment, their productivity increases by 12%. An extra 12% always looks good on your end of year balance sheet.


Protect Corners

All facility managers know that corners especially where vehicles turn are prone to accidents. Fastline Services Ltd has multiple solutions to protect these problem areas, from Rack End Protectors to Bollards to barriers.


How can Fastline Services Ltd help?

Here at Fastline we can survey, supply and install safety barriers. Our service and experience has firmly placed us as one of the UK`s leading installers of Impact Protection.

If you have any requirements for this product or any of our other products or services featured on our website please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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