Safety and Efficiency at Parcel Force Worldwide Depot in Manchester

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As a leading provider of industrial floor marking solutions, we are no strangers to working with large companies.

Here is an installation for Parcel Force Worldwide depot in Manchester.

The objective was to improve safety and organisation within the distribution and delivery hub by installing yellow hi-visibility line marking tape. This case study explores how Fastline’s innovative tape solutions transformed the depot, creating pedestrian walkways, zebra crossings, bay numbers, parking spaces, and loading areas.


Parcel Force Worldwide faced challenges in maintaining a safe and well-organised environment for both pedestrians and various types of traffic, including forklift trucks and Material Handling Equipment (MHE).


Fastline Services proposed the installation of yellow hi-visibility line marking tape as an effective solution to address the depot’s safety and organisation needs. Unlike traditional paint or permanent markings, the tape offered numerous advantages. It was quick to install, easily adjustable, and allowed for operational changes without major disruptions.


Fastline’s team of experienced installers meticulously planned and executed the installation process at the Parcel Force Worldwide depot. They strategically laid the yellow tape to create clear pedestrian walkways, zebra crossings, bay numbers, parking spaces, and loading areas. By using the hi-visibility yellow colour, the tape significantly enhanced visibility and increased safety for employees and visitors within the depot.


  1. Enhanced Safety: The bright yellow colour of the tape improved visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions between pedestrians and moving vehicles. Clear walkways and zebra crossings ensured safe pathways for employees to navigate the depot, reducing the chances of accidents and improving overall safety.
  2. Improved Organisation: The installation of bay numbers, parking spaces, and loading areas facilitated a more efficient workflow. Employees and delivery personnel could easily identify and locate specific areas, streamlining operations and minimising delays.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: Fastline’s tape solution provided the flexibility to make operational changes whenever required. Unlike permanent markings, the tape could be easily removed or repositioned, allowing the depot to adapt to evolving needs without incurring significant costs or downtime.
  4. Quick Installation: The installation process was completed promptly, minimising disruptions to the depot’s daily operations. The rapid application of the tape ensured that the depot remained operational and productive throughout the project.


Fastline Services successfully transformed the Parcel Force Worldwide depot in Manchester by installing yellow hi-visibility line marking tape.

The implementation of the safety markings greatly improved safety for pedestrians and traffic, including forklift trucks and MHE. The tape’s non-permanent nature and quick installation made it an ideal solution, allowing for operational changes and ensuring a safe and organised environment within the depot. With Fastline’s expertise and innovative tape solutions, Parcel Force Worldwide experienced enhanced efficiency and a significant reduction in potential hazards.

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