Reducing Forklift Risks in the Warehouse


Reducing Forklift Risks in the Warehouse

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of forklift truck operators and employees who work in forklift truck areas is extremely important.

The human and financial cost of forklift related incidents for employees, businesses and the industry are substantial.

There are procedures and precautions businesses can implement to help prevent these incidents from happening. Fastline Services offer a whole host of products and installation services that can help minimise risk.

How can Fastlines Services help?

Here are some ways in which Fastline Services Ltd can help:

Traffic Barriers – Traffic barriers are one of the best products for increasing the overall safety in a forklift truck working area. The iFlex Single traffic barrier is one of the best ways of offering this protection. Fastline supply and install this bespoke high-strength, dual-function barrier system. The remarkable thing about this kind of barrier is that it separates and guides pedestrians and drivers, while also providing heavy-duty resistance to impacts from low vehicles. This kind of barrier is ideal for busy, high-traffic facilities where pedestrians also operate.

Rack End Barriers – Forklift truck incidents involving collisions can be extremely dangerous. Most racking systems carry heavy loads which when knocked can collapse. Rack End Barriers are an integral safety feature that protects racking from forklift and vehicle impacts. Fastline Services supply and install this barrier which defends rack ends from heavy impact accidents and preventing damage. Rack End Barriers absorb and deflect impacts, preventing damage to racking systems and are ideal for facilities using vehicles with low ground clearance.

Alarm Bars & Height Restrictors – Reducing overhead vehicle collisions is paramount, the risks involved with carrying weight and operating at height means that barriers and alarm systems are often needed. A ceiling-mounted barrier provides an audible and visible alarm which helps to prevent damage before it happens, averting vehicle impacts and changing driver behaviour over time. Fastline Services Ltd offer a full range of alarm bars and heigh restriction barriers.


Trained Operators Only

Businesses can make sure that all operators are professionally trained and have relevant training in the operation of forklift trucks. Businesses should keep a record of employee’s certificates, making note of when they need to be renewed. This helps limit Forklift Risks.


Operating forklift trucks and loading vehicles in areas of pedestrian traffic and operational working always carries risk. We have listed some ways in which a business can decrease those risks. Putting measures in place to create safer working environments.

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