Product In Detail – Rack Leg Protectors

Rack Leg Protectors

Product In Detail – Rack Leg Protectors

One product that really does deserve a look in detail is the A-Safe RackGuard. As a company we have been supplying and fitting this product extensively for clients. The simplicity and basic nature of this safety product has won us over so much we thought we would give a whole blog post to celebrating its design and use.

What are Racking Leg Protectors?

Essentially RackGuard racking leg protectors are made from an extruded high strength polymer that has been blended with rubber to provide a rigorous and compressive protector.



What makes RackGuard so good?

RackGuard really has been well engineered for purpose. Here are just some of the aspects of this product that make it so good.

  • High strength – Specialist polymers and rubbers are used in manufacturing to create a highly durable material.
  • Compression hinges and flanges – Rubber is co-extruded along with the polymer to create flexible compression points which absorb energy and force.
  • Friction Grips – Rubber is co-extruded internally to create a tight friction grip that grabs the racking legs securely and safely.
  • Low Maintenance – The product is both chemical and water resistant. Self-coloured and non-corroding.
  • Energy Tested – RackGuard has been rigorously tested to fully comply with the highest standards for storage equipment, including EN 15512, EN 15635 and the Australian standard AS 4084
  • Advanced Design – The design of this extruded product has been specially created to give the product its own memory. Allowing the product to fully recover following impacts.


A really great product

Protecting stock and inventory is a must especially in todays busy and complex warehouses. Racking systems are expensive and need to be kept in A1 condition.

By installing RackGuard to the impact zone areas of the racking gives peace of mind and that extra level of safety and security. As a relatively inexpensive product these rack leg protectors can be added and replaced over time as the business needs.



How can Fastline Services Ltd help?

Here at Fastline we can survey, supply and install RackGuard rack leg protectors. Our service and experience has firmly placed us as one of the UK`s leading installers of Impact Protection.

If you have any requirements for this product or any of our other products or services featured on our website please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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