Product In Detail – iFlex Single Traffic Barrier

iFlex Single Traffic Barrier cross section of how it is made

Product In Detail – iFlex Single Traffic Barrier

Some of the problems facing busy warehouse facilities involve the segregation of pedestrians and vehicles. One of the simplest ways to do this is to install a safe and tested traffic barrier system.

Traffic barrier systems help to streamline facilities and ensure vehicles and pedestrians take the safest and most efficient routes. A traffic barrier system prevents unsafe interactions between both vehicles and pedestrians’ whist also creating a clearly defined walkway and safe area.

In this blog we are going to take a look at one of the most popular traffic barrier systems developed by A-Safe.

A-Safe are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of impact protection and barrier systems.

Here at Fastline we are proud to be suppliers and installers of all the products which they manufacture.

Product – iFlex Single Traffic Barrier

The iFlex Single Traffic Barrier is a versatile system which provides a combined protection of both pedestrians in the workplace and property vulnerable to vehicle collisions. The reason for this specific products popularity is the double top rail and heavy-duty low impact rail.

The patented design and system mean that the whole barrier works in tandem to absorb the energy from impact. This design allows the barrier to fully recover following impacts.



How does this work?

The design of this barrier works round a 3-phase energy absorption system. All bars contain 3 highly engineered plastics, each working with each other to maximise impact absorption and allowing energy to be dissipated through the barrier. The bars contain an inner strengthening core, an impact absorption layer and an outer protective layer. This Memaplex system works alongside compression pockets within the posts to allow impacts to be taken and for them to recover.



What makes this product so good?

  • The iFlex Single Traffic Barrier uses a large 190mm base rail capable of absorbing a 4.2 tonne impact at 15,100 joules.
  • The barrier has an impact zone of between 205-395mm which would suit a great deal of warehouse vehicle specifications.
  • The products energy absorption and coupling system mean this is a product capable of withstanding continued use.
  • Coloured rail options of black, grey and yellow.


The iFlex Single Traffic Barrier is a seriously good product, one in which Fastline supplies and installs for customers up and down the country. The reason this product is constantly being installed is due to its complex but basic design. The product was specifically designed to protect people from injury, and safeguard buildings and equipment from damage both inside and out. This is a must for any business operating machinery alongside pedestrians.

The high-strength, dual-function barrier isolates vehicles whilst also guiding pedestrians. The traffic rail provides heavy-duty resistance to impacts, and the addition of an ergonomic handrail increases the height to segregate pedestrians and prevent falls.

If you are looking for Impact protection ideal for busy environments and high traffic areas, then please get in touch. We can help!

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