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Elevating Safety and Precision with Polyaspartic Line Marking: A Fastline Services Ltd. Showcase

At Fastline Services Ltd., we recently leveraged the cutting-edge Polyaspartic Line Marking technique in a comprehensive project for Global Infusion Group (GIG). This innovative approach transformed GIG’s workspace, demonstrating our commitment to state-of-the-art safety solutions.

Project Overview

  • Client: Global Infusion Group
  • Completion Date: November 23
  • Scope: Implementing Polyaspartic Line Marking across an 81,000 sq ft area

Objectives and Approach

Our goal was clear, enhance safety and operational efficiency at GIG’s facility. We achieved this by employing Polyaspartic Line Marking, renowned for its durability and quick application. Our team began with a thorough floor analysis, ensuring optimal adherence and long-term resilience.

Polyaspartic Line Marking in Action

This project required precision and expertise. First, we prepared the surface with shot blasting, creating an ideal base for the Polyaspartic resin. Next, we applied the marking in strategic areas:

  • Pedestrian Safety: We delineated walkways with clear markings and symbols. This step significantly reduced potential hazards between pedestrian and vehicle paths.
  • Operational Clarity: Numbered lanes near dock doors streamlined operations. Clear markings for fire exits ensured safety compliance.
  • Efficiency Boost: Our markings in storage areas enhanced workflow and space utilisation.

Benefits of Polyaspartic Resin

Polyaspartic Line Marking stands out for its quick drying and adaptability. Unlike traditional epoxy, it can withstand heavy traffic and resist chemical spills. Its flexibility during application allows for minimal downtime, a critical factor in busy environments like GIG’s.

Enhancing Safety and Workflow

Our solution provided GIG with clear, durable floor markings. These not only increased safety but also boosted operational efficiency. The distinct walkways and zones reduced confusion, ensuring a seamless flow of activities.

Client Satisfaction and Project Impact

Global Infusion Group expressed high satisfaction with the results. The enhanced safety and organisation directly contributed to a more productive work environment. This project is a testament to Fastline Services Ltd.’s expertise.


Fastline Services Ltd. takes pride in delivering top-tier safety solutions. Our work with GIG highlights the effectiveness of this product in transforming industrial spaces.

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