New Product – Universal Swing Gate

Universal Swing Gate - A-safe

New Product – Universal Swing Gate

Universal Swing Gate: One of the great things about Fastline is our relationship with our suppliers. Over the years we have built up a solid relationship with the industries leading impact protection manufacturers A-Safe.
This great company offers products crucial to our clients needs.

The products which they manufacture are second to none and offer maximum safety and value to our customers.

One aspect of A-Safes business which continues to impress us is their innovation and quest to create even better products.

New Launch

One of the latest launches which A-Safe have graced us with is the new universal swing gate.

This Universal Swing Gate offers a range of unique features, promising not just to take pedestrian workplace safety to a new level, but also to revolutionise the installation process and set a new standard for quality of materials.

Universal Swing Gate

The new gate creates controlled pedestrian access points, allowing personnel to cross dedicated vehicle areas with confidence. Its unique self-closing hinge means the gate stays shut whenever not in use, encouraging pedestrians to pause and check for potential hazards before passing through.

Designed as a single gate solution for a range of openings, the Universal Swing Gate is fully adjustable, allowing customers to adapt the length to anywhere between 800mm and 1200mm, using four screws to secure the desired size. Internally housed hinges also reduce the risk of mechanism damage, guaranteeing a long lifespan and high cost-effectiveness from day one.

Universal Swing Gate

The gate can attach to A-SAFE posts or mount on internal and external walls. This is thanks to special fixing straps and a mounting plate option. Installation is effortless, using a ratchet strap that eliminates post adaptation. It also features a drop and lock system for quick and efficient installation.

The new swing gate uses robust materials, including a strong, flexible polymer blend. This polymer has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional steel. It’s recyclable, minimizing environmental impact and supporting A-SAFE’s sustainability goals.

The gate’s color is inbuilt, UV stabilised for better visibility and reduces the need for repainting. All surfaces are food-safe, easy to clean, and water-resistant. Its ergonomic design has no sharp edges and requires little maintenance. The Universal Swing Gate ensures high-level protection with minimal hassle for workplace teams

Universal Swing Gate


Available in a standard black and yellow colour option, the Universal Swing Gate features dedicated signage areas on both sides, allowing a range of directional or safety messaging to be clearly displayed.

Arriving in a single box with no need for additional components, A-SAFE’s Universal Swing Gate is leading the way for workplace safety – giving everyone from facility managers to health and safety specialists a secure way to keep vehicles, pedestrians and equipment safe at all times.

Please get in touch if you would like a quote on the product featured in this article.

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