MMA & Thermoplastic


MMA & Thermoplastic

Here at Fastline Services Ltd we are known in the industry for our all-round quality. We use sophisticated machinery, superior materials, and expertly trained teams which allow us to provide the very best in internal and external line marking services.

MMA and Thermoplastic

MMA and thermoplastic are two of the most commonly installed line marking products which we supply.

MMA Line Marking

MMA is one of the UK`s most durable external marking products. It can be applied at a wide range of temperatures and provides years of service in the harshest conditions. Here at Fastline we only use the very best MMA products available on the market. Our vast experience and success on complex infrastructure projects and RDC`s has led us to being one of the industry’s leading suppliers and installers of MMA.


Thermoplastic Line Marking

Thermoplastic is a highly durable line marking material that is often used in high traffic areas. Due to its durability and cost effectiveness, it is becoming the standard for new warehouses and distribution centres.

One common area in which thermoplastic line marking is used is in sports playgrounds and playground markings.

As a leading provider of thermoplastic installation, Fastline Services Ltd pride ourselves on a fast, professional service using industry leading equipment and high-quality materials to efficiently accomplish all thermoplastic goals.

Both great Products

Both MMA and Thermoplastic are fantastic line marking products that our teams install on a daily basis. As a knowledgeable and technically driven company, if you or your company have any enquiries or questions then please get in touch we would be happy to help.

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