Croda – MMA Anti Slip Area – Goole, UK

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Croda – MMA Anti Slip Area – Goole, UK

  • Client: Croda
  • Location: Goole
  • Product(s): MMA & Quartz Cast
  • Project Completion: December 2022
  • Service: MMA Anti Slip Area



Here we have a small case study showing a newly installed anti slip area at Croda in Goole. Croda is a specialist chemical company which supplies ingredients and products to a wide range of sectors.

The area set just inside bay doors is usually high activity and high traffic. As an area that sees lots of work, vehicles and footfall it makes perfect sense to make this area as safe as possible.

This small job required a 14 metre by 3 meter anti slip pad to be installed to cover both level access doors.


Fastline Services Ltd being one of the UK’s leading specialists were instructed to install the pad in a timely and efficient timescale ready for our customer to commision.

Products used for MMA Anti Slip Area


The products installed on this site were of the highest industry quality. The whole area was shotblasted prior to primer being laid. This gives a very strong bonding surface for the MMA to bond and ensures the installation will last and have a long lifespan.

Once this area was primed it was given a second coat of MMA and then blind cast with over 50kg of quartz. Quartz is extreamly tough and hard wearing and gives the perfect solid grip surface for the last coat of MMA to cover.  Finally once cured the last coat of MMA was applied leaving a strong durable anti slip surface.



A great example of how clean and crisp our work is executed here at Fastline. The result we can see here is of high quality and to our customers exacting standards.

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