Magnetic Labels

Fastline Services Ltd introduces premium Magnetic Labels, ideal for dynamic warehouse environments.

These labels are especially effective in cold storage, offering adaptability and efficiency.

Magnetic Labels offer unmatched flexibility in warehousing. They are perfect for environments where traditional adhesives might fail, such as in cold storage.

Their repositionable nature caters to changing warehouse layouts and inventory needs, making them an invaluable tool for dynamic storage settings.

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Key Features

Blank Magnetic Labels

Magnetic Labels in Changing Warehouse Environments

Dynamic warehouse environments require solutions that can adapt quickly. Magnetic Labels meet this need by allowing for easy repositioning. This adaptability is crucial in environments like cold storage, where conditions can affect traditional adhesive labels.

Providing a reliable and efficient labelling solution, irrespective of the changing warehouse layouts.

Design and Construction of Magnetic Labels

Our products are designed with a dual-layer construction. This includes a durable polyester layer and a strong magnetic material. This combination ensures that the labels remain in place and maintain their readability, even in challenging conditions.

Their design is tailored to adhere well to all ferrous metal surfaces, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Fastline Services Ltd offers expert installation services for Magnetic Labels. Our team ensures that the labels are positioned perfectly and aligned with your warehouse’s organisational system.

This professional installation maximises the effectiveness of the labels in enhancing warehouse organisation and efficiency.

Benefits of Professional Magnetic Label Installation

Professional installation of Magnetic Labels ensures that they are used to their full potential. It guarantees that the labels are placed strategically, enhancing their visibility and usefulness.

Additionally, our expert team can provide guidance on the best practices for using and maintaining these labels, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness.

Magnetic Labels from Fastline Services Ltd combine durability with flexibility, making them ideal for a range of warehousing needs.

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We are ready to assist with all your labelling needs, ensuring optimal organisation and efficiency in your warehouse.

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