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Rapid Fix

The Rapid Fix system consists of an upper and a lower bracket, that is fixed to the 60x40 post. The panel bolt-fixings can be quickly mounted to the panel and then remain fastened to the panel until removed.

Strong Fix

Strong Fix is a robust and durable machine guard based on heavier 80x80 posts together with a strong bracket. It has good corrosion protection and the fixings are easily moved up and down to adjust for tunnels and cut-outs.

Smart Fix

Smart Fix is a strong and well-proven system based on the 60x40 posts. The pre-galvanized Smart Fix bracket has good corrosion protection and is easily mounted on the post. The Smart Fix system can easily be installed.

Safe Fix

The Safe Fix bracket adjoins the panels in front of each post, removing the gap between panels and posts. You can create a fully-covered machine guard for applications with welding or splash risks.

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