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Wire Tray System

The wire trays are available as standard in two sizes; 100 mm and 200 mm wide x2200 mm long. The trays are easily cut on-site using a bolt cropper, to fit in corners and endings.

Smart Post

With the new and practical Smart Post, it is now possible for the wiring to fit inside the post, as well as integrate control push buttons directly into the 60x40 posts.

Cutting profiles

The cut profile is cut the panel at the desired height and add the cut profile, which is available in all standard panel widths from 200 mm up to 1,500 mm and in any RAL colour.

Smart Splice

The Smart Splice fits the standard 60x40 posts in heights 2,200 and 3,000 mm and can extend the posts up to just over 6 meters without other attachment options.

Cutting Profiles PC

The cut profile is a versatile solution for adjusting the height of the polycarbonate panel on site. Cut the panel at the desired height and add the tape to the PC sheet.


kick plates are made of steel sheet that is pre-galvanized. Available in all standard panel widths to cover the floor gap of 150 mm, between the bottom of the panel and the floor.

End profile ST20/ST30

The end profile is a versatile solution for adjusting the width of the mesh panel on site. Cut the panel in the desired width and add the end profile.

Panel Curve

The Panel Curve is an ST20 mesh panel in 800 mm width with special cut-outs in the middle tubes, making it possible to bend when installing it on site.

Panel Flexi

The Panel Flexi is added to the standard high 2,050 mm ST20 mesh panels to make the existing panel wider. It can infill a gap between 50-199 mm


The Snapper is a bracket that secures two panels together. One is added at the top and at the bottom of the panel and used together with bolts and nuts through the panel holes.

Edge cover

The Edge cover is a metal reinforced plastic cover that can be used on the sharp mesh-edges that occur when performing cut-outs within the mesh panel.

Gap Cover

The Gap cover is mounted on the backside of the posts in a Smart Fix installation, to cover the gap between the panel and post to create a fully covered cell.

Foam Infill

With the foam infill, you can cover gaps between the panels and posts in a Smart Fix, Rapid Fix or Strong Fix installation. It's a neat solution to cover the gap on a hinged door, between the door blade and the post.

PC holder

The holders are made of 0,7 mm coated steel sheet, and fixes polycarbonate sheets to the ST30 or ST20 mesh panels from the inside. The holders are supplied in kits fitting to either the ST20 or the ST30

Extension bracket

he extension bracket is an external wrap-around solution that you fit onto the post and add a tube inside to build high walls. It's available in two versions, one to fit the 60x40 posts and one to fit the 80x80 posts.

Functional Bonding

The Functional Bonding kit creates an electrical bonding between panels and posts, solving problems with leakage current. It is possible to create a functional bonding throughout the system.

Door Closer

The Door closer is an add-on to the single hinged doors. It is mechanical and adjustable, with pre-set closing force EN 3. A door closer used in a machine guarding application shall be a part of the risk assessment.


Sometimes, all you need is a small tube to infill a gap, the tubes are adjusted to the panel heights to fit both the ST30 and ST20 mesh panels as well as the polycarbonate and steel sheet panels.

Door Frame Fixings

The fixings are mounted in the posts. The fixings are mounted in the posts and a clear opening in height, for example for maintenance. Door Frame Fixings are the perfect solution.

Light grid/ curtain fixings

The kit 6650 for light grids/curtains contains fixings for 2 beams. The upper and lower fixing for each beam are assembled onto the Smart Fix Open bracket. An easy solution and fixing system

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