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Polyaspartic Line Markings at Leman, Normanton

At Leman in Normanton, excellence in logistics and transport solutions is a daily commitment. To echo this dedication to quality, Fastline Services Ltd was chosen for a pivotal project: implementing Polyaspartic Resin internal line marking.

Leman’s Commitment to Quality

Leman’s ethos of delivering quality is evident in every aspect of their operations. Recognising the need for precision and order, they sought our expertise in internal line marking. The goal was clear: enhance safety and efficiency in their bustling warehouse.


Fastline’s Polyaspartic Solution

The product of choice for this project was Polyaspartic Resin. Renowned for its versatility and swift installation time, it was an ideal fit for Leman’s dynamic environment. Unlike epoxy, Polyaspartic Resin requires just a single coat, making it a time-efficient choice.

The Advantages of Polyaspartic Resin

Polyaspartic Resin stands out with its cross-tech system, akin to polyurethane yet more adaptable. Its ability to manipulate drying times during application marks a significant advancement over traditional epoxy-based products.

The Outcome: Safety and Efficiency

By creating distinct pedestrian walkways and traffic areas, Fastline Services Ltd has significantly uplifted safety at Leman’s facility. Our internal line marking aids in minimising accidents and streamlining operations.

A Internal Line Project to Remember

This project in Normanton is a testament to Fastline Services Ltd’s commitment to high-quality floor marking installations. Backed by exceptional customer service, we continue to lead the market in innovative solutions.

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