Improving health and safety risks

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Improving health and safety risks

As one of the leading service providers to the UK`s warehousing and distribution networks we make it our business to identify and help improve health and safety risks.

Prevention is always better than a cure

In today’s workplaces with the advance in technology and the increased use of specialist vehicles, loading and packing equipment, safety is paramount.

If a company fails to put control measures in place, then as a company there are a number of implications.

In addition to accidents and incidents, businesses that fail to improve on safety may also face a high turnover of staff, underperforming staff, illnesses, lost working days, legal issues, and, at worst, fatalities.

All of the products and services Fastline offer are specifically targeted towards continuous improvements and compliance.


Key Services

Impact protection, Machine Guarding, Concrete Repairs, Line Marking and Signage are some of the most crucial areas that offer substantial increases in safety for businesses.

Who is legally responsible?

Fundamentally employers, managers and supervisors are all jointly responsible. All are legally required to implement and maintain safety procedures across the board.

Safety measures put in place by Fastline Services Ltd will always be compliant and designed to protect workers ensuring that they can carry out work safely.



Vehicle Safety

Vehicle safety is essential in preventing impact or crush injuries. In 2020/21, 25 people died due to being struck by moving vehicles in a workplace.

There are several ways in which Fastline Services Ltd can help increase safety from impacts between pedestrians and vehicles.

Installing impact protection barriers is one way in which accidents can be prevented. Having dedicated walkway areas which are clearly line marked and protected by barriers is essential.

Fastline currently install the A-Safe barrier system, this system comes in a range of different gauges and configurations depending on the types of vehicles and movements. The great thing about this kind of impact protection is that it has an energy absorbing design which enables the barrier to absorb and move without buckling.


As mentioned above, line marking internally especially around racking and movement areas is a great way of increasing the safety in a working area. Line marking gives clear and visual guides as to where to be and where to work.

Signage should always be a priority to around areas where vehicles operate. Fastline offer a full range of standard and custom signage safety options. Speed limits being one of the most crucial. Employers need to ensure workers maintain speed limits. A standard in the UK is that forklifts should not exceed 5mph.

Visibility for vehicle operators

Maximising visibility always decreases the risks of accidents, one-way Fastline help companies improve visibility is by installing mirrors in blind spot and reversing areas. These convex mirrors help to aid the driver’s vision when manoeuvring.



Just a small snapshot

All of the above offers just a small snapshot of the kind of safety initiatives and services which we offer.

Our staff are highly trained and are always available to help and advise on the services and products which we specialise in.
We are also available to offer specialist technical training in the services which we offer. Get in touch for more information.

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