HGV Trailor Plates

Secure your unmounted lorry trailers with our high-quality Trailer Plates, designed to protect forecourt and loading bay floors from damage. Available in durable Tyrecord Hi-Fibre rubber and high-visibility UHMWPU, these plates withstand up to 30 tonnes. Easy to install with included M12 washers and screws.

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Key Features

Our range of Trailer Plates is engineered to provide a secure resting surface for unmounted lorry trailers, preventing damage to forecourt and loading bay floors. These plates are essential for maintaining the integrity of your work surfaces and ensuring safe storage for trailers not attached to truck cabins.


Material Options:

  • Tyrecord Hi-Fibre Rubber:

    • Highly durable and robust, designed for long-term use.
    • Width: 1000mm
    • Hardness: Shore A 78
    • Temperature Range: -15°C to 70°C
  • UHMWPU (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyurethane):

    • High-visibility material for added safety.
    • Equally capable of withstanding heavy loads and harsh conditions.

Load Capacity:

  • Capable of withstanding loads up to 30 tonnes.


  • Width: 1000mm

Temperature Range:

  • Minimum: -15°C
  • Maximum: 70°C


  • Includes 16 x M12 large plated washers.
  • Requires M12 screws for tarmac or concrete (sold separately).
  • Holes are countersunk, requiring M8 x 95 Anchorbolts.

How to Fit:

  1. Position the trailer plate in the desired location.
  2. Align the pre-drilled holes with the floor.
  3. Use the included M12 washers and screws to secure the plate to tarmac or concrete.
  4. Ensure that the holes are countersunk and use M8 x 95 Anchorbolts for a flush finish.


These Trailer Plates are ideal for:

  • Forecourts
  • Loading bays
  • Industrial sites where lorry trailers are frequently unmounted

Warranty Information

This product comes with a 1-year warranty as standard, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.

Invest in our Trailer Plates to protect your surfaces and secure your trailers effectively. With options in durable rubber and high-visibility polyurethane, these plates offer superior protection and easy installation.


Fastline Services Ltd offers a comprehensive installation service . Our team consists of experts who ensure a seamless and efficient installation process. We understand that each project is unique, and thus, our service is tailored to meet specific layout requirements and operational needs.

Advantages of Opting for Professional Installation

Opting for professional installation brings several advantages.

Firstly, it guarantees that the product is installed correctly, securely and safely.

Secondly, professional installation ensures that regulations are met and that the installation complies with any HSE or Suplementary Guidelines.

Furthermore, by relying on experts, companies can focus on other critical aspects of their operations, knowing that the installation is handled efficiently.

Fastline Services Ltd is your go-to company for all things safety.

Our products ensure efficiency and organisation in your warehouse.

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