What height is an Armco barrier?

Question: What height is an Armco barrier?

Short Answer: An Armco barrier typically stands at a standard height of about 31 inches (790 mm), which is effective for containing and redirecting vehicles upon impact.

Detailed Answer: Armco barriers, widely used along roadways and in various safety-sensitive areas, are engineered to specific dimensions to maximize their effectiveness in preventing vehicular accidents. The typical height of an Armco barrier is crucial for its functionality:

  1. Standard Height: The most common height for Armco barriers is approximately 31 inches (790 mm). This height is strategically chosen because it corresponds well with the center of mass of most standard vehicles, which helps in effectively redirecting the vehicle back onto the road upon impact, rather than over or through the barrier.
  2. Double-Height Systems: In some scenarios, where there is a higher risk of larger vehicles such as trucks or buses being involved in collisions, a double-height Armco barrier system may be used. This setup involves two layers of steel beams, one above the other, effectively doubling the height to better contain and manage larger vehicles.

The effectiveness of an Armco barrier also depends on its installation and the quality of materials used. They are typically made from galvanized steel, which provides durability and resistance to environmental elements. The installation must be done according to precise standards to ensure that the barriers perform as expected under impact conditions.

Regular maintenance and inspections are recommended to ensure that the barriers remain effective over time, as impacts and environmental factors can degrade their structural integrity.

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