Harley Pastoor – Thrilling Weekend at Preston Docks

Harley Pastoor - Motocross Preston Docks

Recently Harley Pastoor, proudly sponsored by Fastline Services Ltd, took on the challenging tracks at Preston Docks, participating in a 2-day event with 90s Racing. Despite the daunting weather conditions and a fiercely competitive field, Harley showcased his resilience and skill in an unforgettable display of motocross prowess.

Day 1: Battling the Elements

The weekend kicked off with relentless rain, turning an already challenging track into a treacherous battleground. Amidst nearly full gates, with over 35 riders, including visitors from the Isle of Man, the competition was fierce.

In the first race, Harley faced a tough start but demonstrated true grit by navigating through the pack to secure a commendable 10th place finish. The second race saw him well-positioned initially, but an unfortunate incident on the final lap resulted in a 16th place finish. Despite the setbacks, Harley’s determination was unwavering. The third race tested all riders with its muddy chaos, and Harley managed an 18th place finish, a testament to his perseverance in conditions where many failed to finish, earning him 14th overall for the day.

Harley Pastoor - Motocross Preston Docks

Day 2 at Preston Docks:  A New Dawn

The sun made a rare appearance on Sunday, offering a glimmer of hope, though the track conditions remained challenging. Harley Pastoor started the day strong, securing a promising position in the first race before a minor setback. Yet, he fought back valiantly to finish 13th. The second race was a rollercoaster, with Harley maintaining a solid 9th until the final moments, finishing 16th after a slight mishap. The finale was nothing short of spectacular – Harley’s tenacity paid off as he clinched an impressive 5th place, his best performance of the weekend, elevating the spirits of the entire Fastline Services Ltd team.

Ending the weekend on a high note, Harley secured a remarkable 9th overall. His journey at Preston Docks was a testament to his skill, resilience, and the unyielding support of Fastline Services Ltd. We are eagerly anticipating next week’s races with the YMSA, confident in Harley’s ability to shine.

Stay tuned for more updates, and join us in cheering on Harley in his motocross adventures!

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