Harley Pastoor – A Rising Motocross Star

Harley Pastoor: A Journey Fueled by Passion and Precision

In the world of motocross, where speed, skill, and determination reign supreme, one name has been making waves: Harley Pastoor. With a passion for motocross that ignited at the age of six and a tireless drive to excel, Harley’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

Harley’s story is one of dedication and perseverance. From receiving his first Yamaha PW 50 as a Christmas and birthday gift to mastering the gears on a KTM SX 65, he has consistently pushed the limits of his abilities. His journey through the motocross ranks has seen him take on bigger challenges, from the KTM SX 85 to the highly competitive 85cc class.

Impressive Sportsmanship

But what sets Harley apart isn’t just his riding skills; it’s his character. He’s known for his sportsmanship, helping younger riders with track walks, gate preparation, and offering motivational chats. He even gave away his second-place trophy to a young girl at a race meeting, embodying the true spirit of the sport.

Unveiling the Fastline Connection


Behind every successful ride is a reliable oil sponsor.
Behind every successful ride is a reliable oil sponsor.

With the support of his family, a dedicated coach, Josh Spinks, and now Fastline Services Ltd as his official oil sponsor.

Managing Director Adam Fleming had this to say “Harley Pastoor’s future in motocross is brighter than ever. He’s a true all-around athlete and we are immensley proud of playing a part in his journey”

Outside of his Motorcross Career Harley enjoys participating in various sports like football, running, and mountain biking, which contribute to his overall fitness and skill.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As Harley gears up for the upcoming race season with Fastline Services Ltd by his side, we can expect even more thrilling moments, victories, and a continued rise in the motocross world. Stay tuned as we follow this incredible journey of talent, passion, and determination.

Motocross is all about teamwork. Fastline Services Ltd and Harley Pastoor are ready to conquer new challenges together.

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