Improving floor safety in a workplace

Green Walkway / Zebra Crossing

Improving floor safety in a workplace

Improving floor safety in a workplace is one way in which you can help to reduce workplace accidents and incidents. There are simple ways in which floor safety can be improved which have little cost. Keeping a working floor clean and regularly swept can help reduce dust and breathing issues. Keeping flooring free from obstructions can help reduce falls and trips.

One of the biggest ways that floor safety in a workplace can be increased is through markings and coatings.

Here at Fastline we install Floor markings and coatings into warehouses, distribution centres, factories, and businesses throughout the UK. Floor markings and coatings are installed for a variety of reasons, the main purpose being safety.

Maintaining a safe working environment for people, whether it is a facility closed or open to non-employees is extremely important to any business.

Floor markings are a subtle, yet effective way to increase safety in any facility.

Internal linemarking in a warehouse


Preventing Injuries

According to RIDDOR a third of all non-fatal injuries in a workplace are as a result of a slip, trip or fall.

This risk can be instantly reduced by applying a floor coating with anti-slip properties. Special products are available for internal and external applications. One example of a great external product is MMA flex grip. This product has finely processed aggregates in it which create an anti-slip surface. This product is both strong and durable and is perfect for uneven and damaged surfaces due to its flixible nature.


It is not just about texture

Although the texture and surface are important, what that surface says is of equal significance.

Installing the correct lines and signs will help keep employees and visitors safely within their correct areas, remind them of workplace hazards and reduce the risk of vehicle collisions, personal injuries, and other accidents.

The importance of correct and thought-out floor markings is crucial.

Floor markings raise awareness of boundaries in a working environment.

When Fastline Services Ltd conduct floor marking assessments, we always ensure that the planned works clearly identify walkways, traffic routes, ‘keep clear’ zones, hazardous areas, and product storage areas.

Our plans also include any site used for manoeuvring, vehicle parking or open storage.

We always suggest what is right

Suitable floor markings can be achieved by using either floor marking tapes or paints, the one we suggest will depend on the function of the area which needs to be marked.

On permanent areas such as loading bays or pedestrian walkways, line marking paint may be the best choice. However, if the space is more changing, and things tend to regularly move around, floor marking tape may be a better option.

The great thing about floor tape is that we can train and stock so this can be applied by facilities personnel, enabling the business to make changes as they are needed.

MMA Colours
MMA Colours


Just a small snapshot

All of the above offers just a small snapshot of the kind of safety initiatives and services which we offer.

Our staff are highly trained. We are always available to help and advise on the services and products which we specialise in.
We are also available to offer specialist technical training in the services which we offer. Get in touch for more information.

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