Floor Labels

Fastline Services Ltd proudly offers robust Floor Labels, tailored for direct application to warehouse floors.

They offer a practical solution for areas without vertical structures.

These great products are essential for ground-level identification in warehouses. They aid in demarcating areas, guiding traffic, and improving safety.

These labels are particularly useful in large warehouses where visual cues on the floor can significantly enhance navigational efficiency.

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Key Features

Internal Line Marking

Types and Uses of Floor Labels

This product come in two types: Temporary and Permanent.

  • Plastic products are ideal for temporary or changing layouts, offering flexibility.
  • Floor Embedded Labels provide a long-lasting solution, perfect for areas with constant traffic and usage.

Customisation and Durability

We understand that each warehouse has unique requirements. Therefore, our products are customisable with various design options.

We focus on durability, ensuring they withstand the rigors of warehouse environments. This includes resistance to heavy foot and machinery traffic, as well as general wear and tear.

Our team at Fastline Services Ltd is skilled in installing both permanent and temporary. We ensure that they are perfectly aligned and firmly secured. This precision in installation is key to their effectiveness and durability in the busy warehouse environment.

Advantages of Professional Installation

Opting for professional installation brings multiple advantages. It ensures proper placement and adhesion, critical for their longevity and effectiveness. Professional installation also means that the labels are positioned in the most strategic locations, enhancing their visibility and usefulness.

Fastline Services Ltd.’s Floor Labels are an invaluable asset for efficient warehouse management.

Our professional installation services ensure that these labels are an integral part of your warehouse’s safety and organisational system.

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Let’s enhance your warehouse floor with our practical and durable labelling solutions.

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