Fastline Spills Management

Fastline Spills Management

As with most modern businesses spill risks can be seen everywhere. At Fastline we have seen it all from leaks caused by manufacturing processes to hazardous liquids in delivery areas. Often these incidents are caused from accidental damage by forklift trucks, or even overfilled tanks.

Spills in a workplace really are something which needs to be taken seriously.

Here at Fastline we help companies address these issues through our own dedicated spills department.

Facts about spills!

A single droplet of oil can make up to 25 litres of water unfit for drinking? The scale of the impact that even small accidents can have upon public health and the environment can’t be taken lightly.

Fastline Spills Management department has a wealth of experience in pollution prevention and spill control management and procedures.

We provide all the guidance, products and services a company needs to safely plan and execute emergency spill control procedures.

What we offer!

Our specialised range of spill control management products and training provide effective solutions to protect against pollution and the knowledge to tackle emergency spill incidents.

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