Fastline Services Ltd Completes £200,000 Project for GS Yuasa in Swindon

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Fastline Services Ltd, a leading provider of warehouse solutions, recently completed a £200,000 project for GS Yuasa in Swindon. The project involved the construction of a state-of-the-art 178,500 sq ft warehouse facility and headquarters for GS Yuasa, a renowned battery manufacturer supplying the UK and European markets.

Client Collaboration

From the initial tender stage, Fastline Services worked closely with GS Yuasa to understand their requirements and provide expert consultation. The collaborative approach ensured that the project aligned with GS Yuasa’s vision and objectives.

Product and Service Overview

  • External Line Marking: Fastline Services supplied and installed all external line markings to the rear yard, delivering clear and visible delineation of various areas within the facility. Additionally, the company provided safety signage across the site, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Fastline Services used MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), one of the UK’s most durable external marking products, for external line marking. This robust solution offers exceptional resistance to harsh environmental conditions and provides years of reliable service. Fastline Services exclusively selected top-quality MMA products available on the market, guaranteeing superior performance and longevity. Their extensive experience in complex infrastructure projects and RDCs solidified their reputation as one of the industry’s leading suppliers and installers of MMA.
  • Internal Line Marking: Fastline Services utilised cutting-edge polyaspartic resin systems for internal line marking. This innovative product, known for its versatility and minimal installation time, offers superior performance compared to traditional epoxy coatings. The skilled team at Fastline Services implemented the polyaspartic resin to create well-defined pedestrian walkways, efficient marshalling lanes, organised pallet zones, and safe crossings, optimising traffic flow and safety within the warehouse.
  • Pedestrian Barrier and Column Protectors: To enhance safety within the facility, Fastline Services collaborated with A-Safe, a renowned manufacturer of safety solutions. Fastline Services installed A-Safe’s high-quality pedestrian barriers and column protectors, ensuring the protection of personnel and infrastructure from potential collisions and accidents.
  • Mesh Caging: Fastline Services partnered with Troax, a trusted manufacturer of mesh caging solutions. Troax supplied the mesh caging products, and Fastline Services expertly installed them, securing specific areas within the warehouse. The installation of Troax’s mesh caging, including the DB Board mesh guarding, offered additional safety measures, protecting vital equipment and preventing unauthorised access to restricted zones.

Project Execution

Fastline Services deployed highly skilled teams to the GS Yuasa site, ensuring seamless execution of the project. Over a period of three months, the dedicated professionals from Fastline Services completed all contracted services to the highest standards. Their attention to detail, expertise, and commitment to safety contributed to the exemplary delivery of the project.


Fastline Services’ successful completion of the £200,000 project for GS Yuasa in Swindon demonstrates their commitment to delivering outstanding warehouse solutions. By utilising innovative products such as polyaspartic resin for internal line marking and collaborating with reputable manufacturers like A-Safe and Troax, Fastline Services ensured the creation of a safe, efficient, and optimised warehouse facility for GS Yuasa.


Fastline Services extends sincere appreciation to GS Yuasa for their partnership and trust throughout the project. Special recognition is also extended to A-Safe and Troax for their exceptional products.

Fastline Services expertly installed Troax’s mesh caging, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards were met. The successful completion of the project is a testament to the expertise, dedication, and teamwork exhibited by all parties involved.

Our Company remains steadfast in our commitment to providing exceptional warehouse solutions to clients across the UK and Europe, consistently prioritising safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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