Facilities & Floor Line Marking

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Facilities & Floor Line Marking

It is hard to imagine walking outside and there being no surface markings, signs or directional instructions. We live in a world where these things are almost expected. Imagine the disruption if this were the case!

Operationally, line markings and floor signs are paramount in ensuring a safe and organised working environment. Facilities require these crucial instructional and visual demarcations to operate.

At Fastline we get to see the results and consequences of unmarked areas, so we know just how important line marking is in creating a safe and organised warehouse.

How does Facilities & Floor Line Marking help?

Facilities & Floor Line Markings are used to meet crucial safety requirements of the facility!

Here are just a few ways in which they improve the facility.

  • They clearly and safely mark pedestrian walkways, aisles, traffic areas and hazardous zones.
  • Guidance & direction improving the flow of warehouse traffic.
  • De-mark loading and unloading areas including bays.
  • Clearly mark out stocking and racking area.

Who benefits from Facilities & Floor Line Marking?

All types of companies can benefit from floor markings, whilst larger businesses will have more operational traffic, smaller companies usually have more restricted spaces meaning more optimised layouts.

Facilities & Floor Line Marking in both large and small companies always improves operational organisation, safety efficiencies, and business productivity.

Floor Line Marking and thermoplastic floor signs ensure vehicles and workers stay safely within their correct working areas. Minimising the risk of injuries accidents.

What do the different line colours mean?


Whilst there are no hard fast rules regarding colours, as a rule of thumb the following colours are often used for the following types of function

  • White – Production and Manufacturing Areas
  • Green – Safety Areas, Green and Eco Areas
  • Red – Danger Areas, Stop
  • Yellow – Caution Areas
  • Black – Work in progress, materials
  • Yellow/Black – Hazard Areas

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Our experience and knowledge mean we can point our customers in the right direction.

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