Grants & Funding

Various government grants and funding circles are available to your business. If you would like to know more Fastline can help!

Complete Solution

Surveys, charging units, funding, signage, marking and signage all available through Fastline!

Professional Installations

From advice and installation, right through to aftercare, we offer professional services every step of the way.

Solar Charging

PV inverter unit installation and solar panel charging solutions by Fastline

Fastline offer scalable EV Solutions to suit your business and requirements.

EV Specialist Services

Whether you are looking fora single commercial chargepoint, or a multi-site newtork Fastline Services Ltd have you fully covered.

We offer tailored end to end solutions including supply and installation. Our EV services range from simple bay markings and barriers through to fully commisioned charging units.

Please get in touch and speak with one of our specialists for more information.

What we do!

How we can help!

Reach sustainability goals

Sustainability is front-of-mind for consumers, with many going out of their way to seek environmentally friendly options. Enhance your business’ reputation and achieve your sustainability targets by switching to electric.

Get ahead of your competition

Every business with parking spaces will need to install EV chargers to meet the needs of their customers. Future-proof your business by offering electric vehicle charging.

Keep employees happy

Demonstrate your commitment to your employees by offering EV charging at work. Car charging at work can boost employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Attract customers who stay longer and spend more

Electric vehicle drivers are always looking for a convenient place to charge. Attract new customers by making your business (and charge points) visible on public charging maps.

Generate revenue

Create an additional revenue stream by setting charging fees for your EV-driving customers. Speak to a Fastline expert to understand how charge points can transform your parking from paving to profit.

AC charging

AC charge points can give up to 22kW of power, perfect for fast charging a vehicle overnight. Designed for return-to-depot and return-to-home fleets, workplaces and small commercial installs.

DC charging

DC charge points are available from 25kW to 480kW and perfect for business vehicles that require a quick turnaround time. DC charge points are perfect for fleets with complex charging schedules or requirements for rapid charging.

It’s never one-size-fits-all

Before leaping into cost proposals or charging infrastructure site design we take our customers through a business consultation.

This allows us to understand vehicle usage patterns and create an overlay and predicted charging behaviour. We understand that every business is unique and electric vehicle charging infrastructure is never one-size-fits-all.

Through our consultation, we assess where cost savings can be made and can prevent the installation of chargers that experience low utilisation rates. t Fastline, we put data at the heart of EV charging infrastructure design to ensure our customers are building for the future – at pace and at scale.


We’re a partner, not a supplier

We work best when involved at the start of a company’s decision to make the switch to electric vehicles. From conception to charge, we guide our customers through what can be a daunting and challenging process to deliver against business goals. If you’re considering switching to electric, speak to one of our charging experts today to understand how Fastline can help.

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