Digital Speed Control

Enhance road safety with our Digital Speed Control solutions. Our Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) signs, Speed Indicator Display (SID), Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM), and Speed Limit Reminder (SLR) systems offer real-time feedback to drivers, encouraging responsible driving and reducing speed-related incidents. Easily relocatable and available with solar power options, these signs are ideal for temporary traffic management and permanent installations.

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Key Features

Our Digital Speed Control solutions are designed to enhance road safety by providing real-time feedback to drivers, helping them adhere to speed limits and promoting responsible driving behavior. Whether you need temporary traffic management for roadworks or permanent installations to reduce speeding in residential areas, our range of VAS signs, SID units, SAM units, and SLR signs offer versatile and effective solutions.

Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) Signs: Ideal for managing traffic around temporary roadworks, outside construction sites, and during events. These signs provide a flexible solution for vehicle speed control, ensuring safety in various environments.

Speed Indicator Display (SID): Enhances road safety by displaying real-time vehicle speeds to drivers using high-visibility LED displays. This encourages drivers to adhere to speed limits and promotes responsible driving behavior.

Speed Awareness Monitor (SAM): Combines radar detection with dynamic messaging to provide personalized speed feedback to drivers. SAM units are effective in reducing speeding in various environments, from residential streets to work zones.

Speed Limit Reminder (SLR): Reinforces speed limits and ensures drivers maintain safe speeds. Equipped with high-visibility displays and intelligent technology, SLR signs provide real-time feedback to help drivers stay within legal speed limits, reducing accidents and improving road safety.



  • Custom post plates allow easy relocation to adapt to changing road conditions or hazard locations.


  • CE certified, meeting European safety and quality standards.

Power Options:

  • Available with a solar power option, enabling operation using renewable energy and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Data Collection and Reporting:

  • Equipped with data collection features, allowing for the analysis of traffic patterns and driver behavior to implement effective traffic calming measures.


  • VAS Signs: Easily relocatable with custom post plates.
  • SID, SAM, and SLR Units: Mount on existing infrastructure or custom posts.
  • Solar Power: Optional solar panels can be installed to reduce dependency on traditional power sources.


These digital speed control systems are ideal for:

  • Temporary traffic management around roadworks and construction sites
  • Permanent installations in residential areas, school zones, and work zones
  • Speed reduction initiatives in various environments

Additional Information:

  • Ensure proper placement and visibility for maximum effectiveness.
  • Regular maintenance and data analysis can optimize traffic calming measures.

Warranty Information

This product comes with a 1-year warranty as standard, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.

Optimize your traffic management and enhance road safety with our advanced Digital Speed Control solutions, designed for flexibility, visibility, and environmental sustainability.


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