Croda – Goole, UK

Revolutionising Parking at Croda, Goole with Thermoplastic EV Markings

Croda, a leading chemical company in Goole, UK, has recently stepped into the future of automotive technology. With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining momentum, Croda’s new car park is a testament to this shift. Here at Fastline Services Ltd we are renowned for our expertise, playing a pivotal role in this transformation, installing thermoplastic EV markings to accommodate the growing demand for EV charging points.

A Move Towards a Greener Future

The UK, a hub for electric vehicles, has seen a consistent rise in the adoption of these eco-friendly transports. Companies and individuals alike are choosing EVs for their economic and environmental benefits. Croda, recognising this trend, commissioned a modern and functional employee car park, richly equipped with EV charging facilities.

Thermoplastic EV Markings : The Heart of the Project

At the core of this project are the thermoplastic EV markings, a specialty for us. These markings, known for their durability and vibrancy, are the perfect fit for a bustling corporate setting like Croda’s. The high-grade thermoplastic used ensures that the markings withstand the test of time and use.

Thermoplastic EV Markings

Precision and Preparation: Key to Excellence

The preparation process of these thermoplastic EV markings is critical. Our approach ensures that every line and symbol is not only visually striking but also enduring. Applied meticulously to tarmac, these markings can also be adapted for concrete surfaces, provided they are clean and free from contaminants.

Collaboration for Seamless Integration

We have collaborated closely with electrical contractors to integrate the charging points seamlessly. This synergy allowed for a swift and efficient installation, minimising disruption and maximising functionality. Such cooperation underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions.

Thermoplastic EV Markings

Result: A Benchmark in Car Park Marking

The result of our work at Croda is a clear reflection of our high standards. The car park at Goole is not just a facility; it’s a showcase of clean, precise, and top-quality thermoplastic EV markings. It stands as a prime example of our dedication to excellence.

Thermoplastic EV Markings

Connect with Fastline for Your Marking Needs

Inspired by the transformation at Croda in Goole? Interested in elevating your facility with top-notch thermoplastic EV markings? Reach out, our team, armed with expertise and a commitment to quality, are ready to bring your project to life. Contact us at for a consultation or to learn more about our services. Fastline is your partner in creating a future-ready, efficient, and safe space for EVs.

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