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Creating a Safer Workspace

Conveyor Netting: How We Upgraded Euro Car Parts’ Conveyor System

At Fastline Services Ltd, we take pride in our ability to enhance workplace safety through innovative conveyor netting solutions. Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Euro Car Parts, a renowned automotive parts distributor in the Midlands, to elevate their health and safety measures. This blog post takes you through our journey from the initial consultation to the successful installation of our RackNet® netting solution.

The Initial Consultation

Our journey began with a site visit by our Business Development Manager, Carlos Gomez, who met with Euro Car Parts. The goal was to discuss improvements to health and safety line marking. However, the conversation quickly evolved to address additional safety measures for their extensive conveyor system. Spanning approximately one kilometer and suspended 5 meters above the warehouse floor, this system posed a risk to employees working below due to potential falling objects.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Safety

Leveraging our experience with major installations,, we recommended our RackNet® conveyor netting system, which aligned perfectly with Euro Car Parts’ safety needs. After a meticulous measurement process, we proposed a comprehensive solution that included the netting, cables, locks, and fixings necessary for a secure installation.

The Installation Process

Upon approval of our proposal, we embarked on the installation phase. Our dedicated teams, working from scissor lifts, skillfully fitted the RackNet® netting alongside the conveyor. Over four weeks, the project was completed with precision, resulting in a dual-sided conveyor net designed to catch and redirect any items that might dislodge during transit.

The Outcome

The result of our efforts is a significantly safer workspace. The black, small mesh RackNet® we installed not only functions as a safety barrier but also contributes to maintaining the conveyor system’s efficiency by ensuring that items are retained or redirected back onto the conveyor.

Looking Ahead

We are currently in talks about introducing additional Fastline Services Ltd products and services to further mitigate risks at Euro Car Parts’ facility. Our commitment to creating safer work environments is unwavering, and we’re excited about the prospects of our continued partnership.

Get in Touch

If you’re facing similar challenges or are interested in learning more about how RackNet® can protect your employees and operations, please don’t hesitate to contact Carlos Gomez at Let us help you tailor a safety solution that meets your specific needs.

Thank you for following our journey at Euro Car Parts. Here at Fastline Services Ltd, we’re not just selling products; we’re engineering safer workspaces.

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