Internal Line Marking

Visitor Safety in UK Warehouses and Distribution Centres

The Importance of Safety Measures and visitor safety is paramount. Warehouses and distribution centres in the UK are bustling hubs of activity where the safety of staff and visitors must be a paramount concern. The mix of pedestrian traffic and vehicle operations, such as forklifts and trucks, creates a complex environment where safety risks are […]

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Internal Line Marking

Polyaspartic Line Marking at Global Infusion Group

Elevating Safety and Precision with Polyaspartic Line Marking: A Fastline Services Ltd. Showcase At Fastline Services Ltd., we recently leveraged the cutting-edge Polyaspartic Line Marking technique in a comprehensive project for Global Infusion Group (GIG). This innovative approach transformed GIG’s workspace, demonstrating our commitment to state-of-the-art safety solutions. Project Overview Client: Global Infusion Group Completion

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Safety and Efficiency at Parcel Force Worldwide Depot in Manchester

As a leading provider of industrial floor marking solutions, we are no strangers to working with large companies. Here is an installation for Parcel Force Worldwide depot in Manchester. The objective was to improve safety and organisation within the distribution and delivery hub by installing yellow hi-visibility line marking tape. This case study explores how

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GS Yuasa Logo and Building

Fastline Services Ltd Completes £200,000 Project for GS Yuasa in Swindon

Introduction Fastline Services Ltd, a leading provider of warehouse solutions, recently completed a £200,000 project for GS Yuasa in Swindon. The project involved the construction of a state-of-the-art 178,500 sq ft warehouse facility and headquarters for GS Yuasa, a renowned battery manufacturer supplying the UK and European markets. Client Collaboration From the initial tender stage,

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Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape Trips, falls and slips make up for a large proportion of workplace accidents. The injuries caused by these kinds of accidents can lead to long term health problems for the individual as well as time away from work for recovery. Anti-slip tape can help reduce these accidents. An introduction Anti-slip tape is a

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MMA & Thermoplastic

MMA & Thermoplastic Here at Fastline Services Ltd we are known in the industry for our all-round quality. We use sophisticated machinery, superior materials, and expertly trained teams which allow us to provide the very best in internal and external line marking services. MMA and Thermoplastic MMA and thermoplastic are two of the most commonly

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FL - Warehouse

Why are machine guards needed?

The Essential Role of Machine Guarding in Workplace Safety Why are machine guards needed? Every workplace, especially those involving heavy machinery, faces inherent health and safety hazards. A crucial component in mitigating these risks is machine guarding. In environments like factories, manufacturers, and distribution centers, where large machinery operates, machine guarding becomes not just a

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Pallet Loading Bays

Why Line Marking?

Why Line Marking? Whether our customers approach us with their requirements, or we suggest works there are a number of reasons why new line marking may be required at a premises. Line marking and surface markings are installed for a multitude of different uses and areas. Demarcation, safety, and instructions are the fundamental areas of

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