Case Study – Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems Ltd

At Fastline Services Ltd, we are committed to providing comprehensive B2B support and facilities services that enhance operational safety and efficiency across various industries. A shining example of our capabilities and client-centric approach is our ongoing project with Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems Ltd, commonly known as Peglers.

This case study delves into our collaboration with Peglers, highlighting our bespoke line marking solutions designed to meet their specific safety and operational needs.

Client Profile

Aalberts Integrated Piping Systems Ltd (Peglers) is a prestigious British manufacturer known for its high-quality valves and engineering products.

Part of the Flow Control division of Aalberts, Peglers has a rich history and a robust presence in the industry with multiple manufacturing sites across the globe. The company’s commitment to safety and operational excellence makes them a valued partner in our continuous improvement efforts.


Line Marking


Project Overview

Our engagement with Peglers focused on enhancing the safety protocols within their manufacturing facilities through meticulously designed and executed line marking solutions.

The project spanned various departments, targeting both internal and external areas to ensure a cohesive and secure environment for all employees.

Le rking


The primary objectives of this project were to:

  1. Improve pedestrian safety by clearly demarcating walkways and hazardous areas.
  2. Enhance operational efficiency by optimising the flow of traffic within the facilities.
  3. Implement durable and high-visibility line marking solutions that withstand the industrial conditions of the manufacturing sites.

Internal Polyaspartic Resin Line Marking

Line Marking


The main challenges faced during this project included:

  • Navigating the complex layout of multiple manufacturing units to design effective line marking strategies.
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to Peglers’ ongoing operations during the installation process.
  • Adapting the designs to meet the specific safety standards and requirements articulated by Peglers’ SHE Manager, Rob Forrestall.


Our approach involved a series of strategic steps tailored to meet the unique needs of Peglers:

  1. Detailed Site Surveys: Conducted comprehensive surveys of each department to understand the specific requirements and challenges.
  2. Custom Design Solutions: Worked closely with Peglers’ SHE Manager to develop customise line marking designs that aligned with their safety goals.
  3. High-Quality Materials: utilised External MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) for outdoor markings and premium-grade paints for indoor applications to ensure longevity and visibility.
  4. Phased Implementation: Executed the installation in phases to minimise operational disruptions, focusing first on areas with the highest traffic.


The project was segmented into several key areas:

  • External MMA Line Marking: Created new pedestrian walkways and safe crossings between external units and departments.
  • Internal Line Marking: Applied in several departments including the heating department, old stamping shop, techtite shop, and the primaries & new stamping shop, focusing on pedestrian pathways and floor signage.

Each phase was planned meticulously, from initial contact and quotation through order placement, site survey, and execution, managed by our experienced team.

Line Marking


The impact of our line marking solutions at Peglers has been significant:

  • Increased Safety: Marked reduction in near-miss incidents and enhanced safety for all staff members.
  • Operational Efficiency: Improved traffic flow and reduced time wasted due to unclear or inadequate floor markings.
  • Compliance and Satisfaction: Met the exacting standards set by Peglers, leading to a highly satisfactory client relationship.


Our work with Peglers is a testament to Fastline Services Ltd’s ability to deliver tailored, high-impact solutions to complex challenges. This project not only strengthened our relationship with a fellow Doncaster-based company but also reinforced our position as a leader in facility management and safety solutions. We look forward to continuing our service to Peglers and other clients across the UK, helping them achieve their safety and operational goals.

Future Outlook

With the project set to continue, we are committed to upholding our high standards and adapting to any new challenges that arise, ensuring that Peglers remains at the forefront of operational safety and efficiency.

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