Brighten up ! School Playground Line Marking

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Brighten up ! School Playground Line Marking

Studies have shown that child developmental skills, motivation and thinking are all improved in their early years with play based learning. In the UK we are lucky that most schools have outdoor playgrounds for children to play. School Playground line marking is one of the best ways an education facility can promote this activity.

School playground line marking promotes social play and can help to get children engaging with each other during their break times.


Our School playground line marking

Fastline Services Ltd have been creating school playgrounds for many years and we understand the science behind playground learning. Our experience leads us to use specific designs to create a greater emphasis on development.

All of our designs look to meet the following guidance set by us:

  • Our School playground line marking must be inspiring and educationally fun.
  • The design must promote physical fitness.
  • Colours are chosen to drive creativity.
  • Games are chosen to teach social play and teamwork


What products do Fastline use on School Playgrounds?

Once the tarmac has been swept, wire brushed and primed then a high quality thermoplastic is heated into the surface bonding to the playground.

Fastline Services create the very best school playground designs and offer a 3 year warranty on all playground markings.

Why do Schools need to re-invest in playgrounds?

It is important to remember that child play is essential and an interactive and colourfully marked playground will enhance and promote that.

Learning through play is widely seen as an essential tool for early years teaching and learning as it greatly benefits children in developing essential life skills.

Through interactive play, they become stronger, healthier, and well-rounded students. All this leads to more confidence in their everyday life, which they carry with them as they grow.

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