Blank Magnetic Labels

Fastline Services Ltd introduces Blank Magnetic Labels, offering a reusable and adaptable labelling solution.

Ideal for dynamic warehouse settings, these labels are perfect for frequent re-organisation.

Blank Magnetic Labels are exceptionally suited for areas where inventory or storage locations change regularly.

Their dry-wipe feature allows for easy updating, making them indispensable for rapidly changing storage or item identification needs.

This flexibility is a significant advantage in dynamic warehousing environments.

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Key Features

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Advantages of Using Blank Magnetic Labels

Blank Magnetic Labels stand out for their ease of use and versatility. They can be quickly written on and erased, making them ideal for environments where information changes frequently. Warehouses and distribution centres as well as factories and manufacturing facilities benefit from this product.

The strong magnetic adherence ensures they stay in place on ferrous metal surfaces, yet can be easily repositioned as needed.

This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for warehouses that require a high degree of flexibility in labelling.

Design and Construction

Product features an easily writable and erasable dry-wipe surface. This design is coupled with strong magnetic adherence, making them suitable for all ferrous metal surfaces.

The labels are available in various sizes and can be customised to fit specific needs, providing a versatile solution for different warehouse settings.

At Fastline Services Ltd, we offer a full and comprehensive range of installation options.

Our services include bespoke sizes and bulk orders to meet the unique requirements of your warehouse. Our expert team ensures that the labels are installed to maximise their usefulness and longevity.

Benefits of Professional Installation

Opting for professional installation of Blank Magnetic Labels ensures optimal placement and use.

Our team can advise on the best strategies for utilizing these labels in your warehouse, enhancing their effectiveness.

Professional installation also means that the labels are positioned in the most strategic locations for visibility and accessibility.

Blank Magnetic Labels from Fastline Services Ltd provide a convenient and flexible labelling solution for dynamic warehouse environments.

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Discover the convenience and adaptability of our magnetic labelling solutions.

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