Barrier Protection Advice from Fastline

Barrier Protection Advice from Fastline

Barrier protection is used across a multitude of industries, whether it be production, logistics, warehousing or distribution. These facilities are always hives of busy activity.

Activity including vehicles, equipment and people working alongside one another as well as static hazards such as shelving or other equipment. All this means that barrier protection is paramount in reducing the risk of workplace collisions and accidents.

The absence of adequate barrier protection in a workplace seriously endangers workers health and safety. In addition to the human impact, collisions and accidents can also cause costly damage to buildings, machinery, equipment, and products.

At Fastline we constantly champion the importance of barrier protection when conducting site surveys and continuous improvement plans.



Keep workspaces safe

One of the great things about modern businesses is that safety barriers are often part of the company’s health and safety policy. Especially for businesses residing in new premises.

Facility plans can include barrier specifications but often do not. Here at Fastline Services Ltd we help our customers by creating detailed plans of areas which need barriers installing.

Our mission is fundamental and simple in its approach. Keep people and vehicles separate wherever possible to minimise accidents. We advise most of our customers to use bright yellow barrier protection which provides a visual reminder of surrounding hazards.

One thing which businesses tend to get wrong is that they only install barriers to protect pedestrians. Whilst this is paramount it leads to businesses ignoring protection for their vehicular fleet, stock, and the buildings and facilities.

Barrier protection for these areas are just as important as collisions into buildings, contents and racks often end up being costly and can even pose further risk of injury to workers.

Our safety barriers can help vehicle drivers to safely manoeuvre around a warehouse, especially in high traffic or product areas such as unloading and loading bays. They can even be installed around doors to protect against knocks and reversing.


What are the different types of barriers?

We supply and install many different types of barrier systems, from simple posts to full barriers with gates, to systems that surround and protect docking bays and doorways.

The products we install are either solid safety barriers or flexible systems. Solid safety barriers are constructed from a hard synthetic polymer. This polymer is wrapped around a steel anchor to provide robust, rigid impact protection. Flexible systems are made from a more pliable synthetic polymer and have a hollow construction to increase elasticity and allow them to safely absorb and dissipate forces upon impact.

Our advice – if in doubt, protect!

Protective safety barriers are a relatively simple and low-cost solution which ensure a safe workspace, effective operations, and a productive and profitable business.

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