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How do you remove old Thermoplastic?

Sandblasting and/or grinding are the preferred methods of removal. Any method of removal is likely to cause surface scarring due to the hardened properties of the thermoplastic and the bond.

On old thermoplastic it can be possible to lift the media using steel tools, this is especially convenient if the product has already started to come loose or become compromised.

Do I Need To Use Tack Coat Thermoplastic Primer?

Yes you should use a tack coat on both concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Tack Coats should always be applied when installing thermoplastic line marking to a concrete surface . It is also worth noting that it will not harm to apply a Tack Coat on Tarmac surfaces too.

What is concrete crash barrier?

A concrete crash barrier is a permanent or temporary structure which provides traffic, building and pedestrian protection from moving vehicles.

In a warehouse or operational setting concrete barriers are an important safety feature in creating high level containment. Restricting and protecting workers from straying vehicles, or fork trucks.

What are hazard lines?

Highly visible diagonal black and yellow lines which are used to point out hazardous areas in warehouses, commercial and public areas. Instantly eye-catching, this pattern can be used to flag a range of hazards.

These markings highlight and indicate hazardous areas for working. Hazard lines can are highly effective in reducing the possibility of potentially serious accidents.

What is MMA paint?

MMA (methyl-methacrylate) is a Cold plastic paint, This product is used for linemarking and is extremely hardwearing.. This product adheres to tarmac, concrete and cementitious surfaces. The product has a reasonably fast cure time allowing for fast working times and application in high traffic areas.


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