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What is a line marking?

Road marking (or line marking) is the application of paints or materials on road surfaces, pavements, concrete or asphalt to communicate information to motorists and pedestrians.

Are bollards effective?

Unlike other types of barriers, such as fences or large concrete blocks, security bollards can restrict vehicle access while allowing clear pedestrian flow.

What are Surface Mounted Bollards?

This type of bollard uses an anchor system, usually mechanical, to mount the bollard to the surface.

Should pallet racking be bolted down?

The answer is yes storage racks should always be bolted down where mechanical handling equipment operates or where there are other forces that may overturn storage racks. Failure to bolt down any racking system is a serious breach of health and safety and will compromise the safety of the equipment.

What is the difference between racking and shelving?

The central difference between shelving and racking is that shelving involves putting products into the system and retrieving them by hand. With racking, warehouse employees carry out storage and retrieval with equipment like forklifts or loaders.

What are car park barriers made of?

Car park barriers are made of recyclable polymer and have a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional steel. An integrated handrail and anti-climb mesh prevent people from climbing over barriers or accidentally falling through gaps.


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