Ask Fastline! Our Brand New FAQ Blog


Ask Fastline! Our Brand New FAQ Blog

Welcome to “Ask Fastline” the new, go to blog for those questions that you might need the answers too.

This weeks 3 questions are featured below:

Why are safety posters important?

Safety posters are proven to increase self and collective awareness of potential hazards and reinforce positive safety habits.

Posters reinforce and constantly educate employees on safe working practices and procedures. They are always there, openly displaying the safety messages.

Can Thermoplastic be applied over existing Thermoplastic?

Yes, providing the existing thermoplastic is structurally sound. The surface of the old existing thermoplastic should be scratched in to create a texture and heated before the new thermoplastic is applied.

Always be sure to check the depth when applying over existing thermoplastic as you may be creating a trip hazard. If this is the case then the old existing thermoplastic should be removed prior to application.

Why is Concrete difficult to Paint?

Concrete is a porous surface so requires priming and multiple coats to allow the paint to bind correctly.

Due to the porosity and absorption of concrete, most paints require the first coat to be thinned down, and multiple layers to be applied.

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