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Ask Fastline! Our Brand New FAQ Blog

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Why Are Safety Posters Crucial in the Workplace?

Safety posters are more than just wall decorations; they are essential tools for maintaining a safe workplace. Their importance lies in their ability to continuously remind employees of the potential risks and safe practices within their work environment. These posters serve as constant visual cues, reinforcing safety habits and procedures. They not only increase awareness of individual responsibilities but also foster a collective culture of safety. By displaying key safety messages and guidelines, they help in reducing workplace accidents, ensuring that safety protocols are always at the forefront of employees’ minds. Furthermore, safety posters can be instrumental in meeting legal requirements for workplace safety communication, demonstrating an organization’s commitment to a safe working environment.

Can Thermoplastic be Applied Over Existing Thermoplastic?

Yes, provided the existing thermoplastic is structurally sound. It’s important to scratch the surface of the old thermoplastic to create a texture and heat it before applying a new layer. However, be cautious of the depth when applying over existing thermoplastic to avoid creating a trip hazard. If a trip hazard is likely, it’s best to remove the old layer before applying the new one.

Why Is Concrete Difficult to Paint?

Painting concrete is challenging due to its porous nature. It requires proper priming and multiple coats for the paint to bind correctly. The porosity and absorption characteristics of concrete often necessitate thinning down the first coat of paint and applying multiple layers for a satisfactory finish.

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