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What are thermoplastic line markings?

Thermoplastic line marking is a method of surface marking created from solid thermoplastic paint. This specialist thermoplastic paint is heated up before application and is then sprayed onto a surface, such as roads, using specialist machines. It then cools and sets quickly, adhering firmly to the road or surface.

Thermoplastic line markings are also applied through specialist pre-cut shapes or tape. This method of installation is favoured when creating intricate designs and features, such as sports grounds and children’s play areas.

How do pedestrian barriers make people safe?

In warehouses and manufacturing facilities these working environments often have high traffic areas. Coupled with machines such as cardboard compactors, pallet wrappers and conveyors. Creating clear and safe barriers for employees and any pedestrian is paramount.

The pedestrian barriers which we supply and install here at Fastline offer maximum levels of protection. Our preferred barrier is a high-strength, dual-function barrier which separates and guides pedestrians and drivers, while also providing heavy-duty resistance to impacts from low vehicles.

Why are concrete repairs important?

Repairing cracks, breaks and divots on a concrete floor may seem a little over the top. In fact, these preventative repairs are often cheap to complete and can help to protect against bigger safety problems as a result.

Any area where water ingress can sit, especially in external yards and concrete pads can cause a problem. As the water cools and heats up it contracts and expands. This causes breaks and blow outs in the concrete.

Making sure a surface is safe is paramount. Fork trucks operate much more safely when the ground and floorspace is free from divots and breaks. These seemingly insignificant defects can pose as potentially lethal hazards for pedestrians too causing trips and falls if not addressed.

Why is Concrete difficult to Paint?

Concrete is a porous surface so requires priming and multiple coats to allow the paint to bind correctly.

Due to the porosity and absorption of concrete, most paints require the first coat to be thinned down, and multiple layers to be applied.

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