Armco Barriers

Our Armco barriers are supplied and installed for use on a wide range of applications.

These barriers are not just for use on motorways. Armco Barriers provide a fantastic level of security and safety across a range of different environments including protecting property, pedestrians and drivers.

Armco barriers are not just designed to stop moving vehicles, they are engineered to control and reduce the impact of collisions.

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Where Armco Barriers are used

Armco Barriers  can be used to protect property, pedestrians and drivers, ensuring that a business is safe for everyone.

Opposite you can see some of the different places you can use the barriers and why they would be beneficial for your company.

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In areas of mixed vehicle and pedestrian use Armco Barriers are perfect for offering protection and a high level of safety. The strength and security of an armco barrier means that both vehicle drivers and pedestrians are confident that the car park is a safe and protected environment.

Used by many car showrooms and storage facilities. Armco Barriers help to protect parked cars from impacts, especially from fast moving vehicles.

Ideal for compounds where cars are stored near busy roads.

Businesses that are close to main roads often put their premesis at risk on a daily basis due to the proximity to the roads. Armco Barriers can create a strong and safe barrier offering a way to avoid buildings being damaged by moving vehicles.

Internal and external loading bays have both pedestrians and heavy-duty vehicles constantly moving around in close vicinity to one another. Processes here are often fast-paced and it’s important that everyone remains protected. It’s also crucial that people do not fall off the edge of loading bays and Armco barriers can prevent issues here

These are often incredibly crowded with both pedestrians and emergency vehicles. Armco barriers can help ensure that walkways for pedestrians are clear while protecting them from a potential collision.

armco barrier installed in a yard for site safety
double armco barrier installed in a working yard for protection

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