Marshalls Plc – Goole

double armco barrier installed in a working yard for protection

Enhancing Safety with Armco Barriers at Marshalls Plc, Goole

In 2022, Marshalls Plc, located in Goole, made a strategic decision. They committed to enhancing the safety of their facility. This decision led them to invest in Armco Barriers for impact protection. Fastline Services Ltd, a leader in safety solutions, stepped in to provide the necessary expertise.

Client: Marshalls Plc
Location: Goole
Product(s): Armco Barriers- Impact Protection
Project Completion: 2022
Service: Impact Protection



Ensuring Safety through Strategic Installation

Our client, Marshalls Plc, recognised the need for increased safety measures. They chose to have Armco Barriers installed in their yard. This installation was not just a safety measure.

It was a commitment to protecting their employees and property. Fastline Services Ltd played a pivotal role. We supplied and installed a double armco barrier. This addition significantly increased safety around Marshalls’ yard and warehouse area.


The Product: Double Armco Safety Barrier

The solution was clear and effective. A double armco safety barrier was installed for Marshalls PLC in Goole. This barrier serves as a complete safety solution. It protects the public, employees, and property from vehicle movements around the yard. The double barrier design ensures an added layer of security and peace of mind.




Impact Protection: A Successful Outcome

The project at Marshalls PLC in Goole stands as a testament to effective safety measures. The impact protection project was not just a success. It set a new standard in facility safety. Our team at Fastline Services Ltd takes pride in this achievement. We ensured the installation met the highest safety standards.

Connect with Us for Safety Solutions

Are you interested in enhancing safety at your facility? Do you see the value in Armco Barriers for impact protection?

We invite you to connect with us. Fastline Services Ltd is ready to assist you. Email us at for more information. Our partnership with Marshalls Plc in Goole showcases our commitment to safety. Let us bring this commitment to your project.

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