Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape

Trips, falls and slips make up for a large proportion of workplace accidents. The injuries caused by these kinds of accidents can lead to long term health problems for the individual as well as time away from work for recovery. Anti-slip tape can help reduce these accidents.

An introduction

Anti-slip tape is a course textured tape which offers a non-slip surface for the sole of the shoe to resist against. Sometimes called traction tape or non-skip floor tape. Anti-slip tape works wonderfully well in high traffic areas prone to increased risks of skids and slips.

Surface areas that benefit the most from anti slip tape are largely those which are susceptible to spills like kitchens, marinas, loading areas and factory floors.

Positives – Anti Slip Floor Tape

Anti-Slip floor tape is an easy and relatively cheap way in which a surface can be made safer and anti-slip.

Once applied anti slip floor tape can be opened up to foot traffic straight away. There are no cure times etc, the tape is an instant fix and solution.

Due to the tape being premade, tape provides straight and neat lines which look clean and professional.

Anti-slip tapes can be applied on a multitude of different surfaces.


Types of Anti Slip Tape

Here are some of the most popular types of Anti Slip Tape:

Coarse Safety-Grip

  • Coarse Safety-Grip a coarser grit on its surface than that of standard. The grit is still the same substance, aluminium oxide; but the difference is the grit granules are larger with deeper valleys and higher peaks. A deep anti-slip coating helps to prevent clogging with dirt, dust, ice etc. A deeper grit provides great durability.

Extra Coarse Safety-Grip

  • Extra Coarse Safety-Grip uses a rare and very big type of aluminium oxide granule. The grit is so heavy that it requires a special plastic film to be able to carry it without splitting. The plastic film is coated with a high tack adhesive (HG), the adhesive is designed to adhere to often difficult substrates such as low energy powder coat that are notoriously problematic for normal adhesives.

Marine anti slip

  • Marine anti slip tape is a marine specific product, tailor-made to be used on the open seas, on anything from pleasure crafts to competitive boats and commercial vessels.

Conformable anti slip tape

  • Durbar plate, chequer plate, diamond tread is all commonly used. You can see them almost everywhere for fire exits, walkways, access platforms etc. It is a common misconception that the pattern provides a safe surface to walk on, unfortunately, this is not correct. Conformable Safety-Grip tape is the answer to the problems that irregular metal plates create. Durbar plate was previously impossible to coat with a non-slip surface, a conventional non slip tape would rise up when stretched into the valleys.

To Conclude

Applying Anti-slip tape in areas susceptible to slipping is a great way of increasing safety levels and reducing accidents.

All of the tapes featured in this article can be applied instantly with minimal down time and without any formal training.

Health and safety precautions are cheap in comparison to what can happen when accidents happen. Anti-slip tape is an affordable way you can ensure that you are doing the very best to prevent any slips or falls that may occur.

All of our Anti-Slip products will soon be available to purchase from our online shop, if you do have any requirements in the mean time please get in touch.

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