Amazon Distribution Centre – Rugeley, UK

Amazon Distribution Centre – Rugeley, UK


  • Client: Amazon

  • Location: Rugeley

  • Product(s): Anti-slip Tape

  • Project Completion: 2022

  • Service: Safety and Continuous Improvements



Our client Amazon decided to enhance the safety of their facility and invest further into having anti-slip tape installed in thier down time and breakout area out side. The area to be covered was a breakout area with a floor surface comprising of composite decking. Although composite decking does have a slight channeled surface, the material when wet still poses risk to slips and falls. The installing of anti-slip tape adds that extra level of protection and peace of mind.




Conformable anti-slip tape was installed by our team creating a non slip safe surface.

Any facility that has steps or pathways and in this case an external decking area can have the potential to be slippy. The anti slip tape used here is a perfect solution to this safety issue. This product is uitable for smooth and flat surfaces. When our teams install the tape must be in full contact with the surface it is to be applied to, across the complete width of the tape with no gaps or voids.




When it comes to the subject of safety, areas with heavy foot traffic require specialist products that will provide slip-resistant protection and safe footing to help prevent falls. Our anti-slip tape provides a chemical resistant, hard wearing surface, ideal for more hazardous areas.

A great safety improvement project completed for Amazon Rugeley.


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